An independent design studio focused on creating individual visual style, perceiving usual images through the prism of abstract art.

El Chulito is and will always be a DIY project. 

We started designing show posters for underground gigs in 2011 and grew professionally into an independent music artwork studio. Now we do both DIY and commercial design for different kinds of shows, promoters and artists.

Our services: 
— Concert poster design;
— Album cover design;
— Full vinyl, CD or cassette layout design;
— Web page design;
— Full social media design;
— Logotype design;
— Custom design;
— Re-design.

Comissions & questions:

All design done by Egor Korolevitch. Sometimes we collaborate with other artists.

We at El Chulito stand against violence, racism, sexual abuse, human rights violation, borders, dictatorship, as well as any kind of extremism or radicalism. Please don’t contact us if you support any of these phenomena.


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Our frequent clients that have been supporting us for years